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Schedules and Reports

Scheduled Jobs#

Predator creates scheduled jobs for all tests that are configured to run at predefined intervals by specifying a cron expression. To see the scheduled jobs that are registered, choose Scheduled Jobs


Disable or enable back a scheduled job easily through the UI to have more control over the scheduled jobs.

Test Reports#

Predator's test reports give in-depth performance metrics in real-time, while aggregating test results to an overall RPS and success rate.

Comparing Reports#

Supported from version zooz/predator:1.3.0

Easily compare two or more test results in one predator report dashboard. This is available under Last Reports page and after selecting the desired tests, clicking on Compare Reports will display the test results side by side on the same graphs.

Favorite Reports#

Supported from version zooz/predator:1.5.0

Want to save a report and then find it easily after? In the report you would like to favorite, click on the star to add it to a favorites list. Under the reports page you can then filter only the favorite reports and find them in one-click.