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Supported from version zooz/predator:1.6.0

Produce informative resources to streaming platforms that will allow you to create consumers and handle the data as you see fit. The resources published have a generic schema with all of the test, job, and reports information associated with the event that was triggered. For more specific details about the attributes published refer here.

Setting Up#

Currently, only Kafka is supported. We will appreciate contributions for more streaming platform integrations :)


For the full configuration needed please refer to: Kafka configuration manual

Resources published#

    metadata: metadata object expressing predator and runner versions
    event: event type
    resource: {
        test_id: test id
        report_id: report id
        job_id: job id
        test_name: test name
        description: test description
        revision_id: test revision id
        artillery_test: full artillery test object
        job_type: job type
        max_virtual_users: job max virutal users
        arrival_count: job arrival count
        arrival_rate: job arrival rate
        ramp_to: job ramp to
        parallelism: job parallelism
        start_time: job start time
        end_time: job end time
        notes: job notes
        duration: job duration
        status: report status
        intermediates: array of intermediate results split into 30 second buckets
        aggregate: object of report aggregated results

Excluding attributes of resource published#

If you would like to exclude some properties published under the resource content, configure the streaming_excluded_attributes in the configuration.